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Looking for a way to connect to the rhythms of the Moon?

Want to see what is inside a My Moon Ritual Box?

Every month the contents change, but they always include rituals pertaining to the four elements. Monthly subscribers receive a box that is custom built to their Natal Birth Chart. The boxes also include detailed instructions for how to perform your ritual and a meditation guide for the month. See below for a breakdown of each element. 

Earth Element

The Earth element in My Moon Ritual boxes are either herbs to be burned or crystals to be used in rituals. The earth element is chosen specifically for the astrology of the Moon cycle. If you are a monthly subscriber this element will be custom to your natal birth chart. 

Fire is the transformative element that takes the physical into the metaphysical. On the physical plane we see smoke rising to the Heavens, but this is really just fallen matter. In the spiritual worlds they see light rising. This light is colored by the vibrational energy of the plant element that is burned.  

Fire Element
Water Element

Water is ruled by the Moon and represents our inner nature. The My Moon Ritual boxes include the necessary components to make Lunar water, water that is charged by the light of the Moon. This water is created with herbs or crystals that are chosen based upon the astrological aspects of the current Lunar cycle. 

The Air element is essential to finalizing the My Moon Rituals. For this element essential oils are used as aromatics. Scent is closely linked to memory and by adding in the element of scent we are helping to cement the memory of the ritual and thus help maintain the intention. 

Air Element
Spiritual Medicine
Flower Essences

Flower Essences are medicine for the Soul. We have a plethora of medicines for the physical body but very few "medicines" for the spiritual body. Flower Essences were developed by Dr. Edward Bach, who created them to be able to heal the inner needs of people. For more information watch the video on flower essences. 

Did you know the moon changes signs every other day?

When I first started charting my moods on a Moon calendar I had no idea what I would find. But, soon I found that there were certain zodiac signs that when the Moon was in them I would feel depressed. I also found that there were zodiac signs that I had tons of energy under. Keeping a Lunar calendar gave me a certain advantage in life because I would know in advance what was coming. The same goes for monitoring the transits of your birth chart. When you know what is coming your way you can prepare. The majority of my clients that I do astrological readings for what to know what events are going to occur in their life. It helps them to prepare for what is to come. The My Moon Ritual boxes can do just the same, they help you prepare for the coming cycles.

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Manifesting According to your birth chart

The New and Full Moons show us the areas of life where the Universe is wanting us to grow and develop.

By Manifesting according to your birth chart you are working with the Universe instead of against it. 

Its like paddling downstream with the river verses trying to paddle upstream with a toothbrush.

My Moon Ritual boxes are custom built to your astrology chart to help you manifest according to the Universe. 

About the Creator
My Moon Ritual

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Hello! I'm Bonnie Beth, the creator of the My Moon Ritual boxes. I created the boxes based upon the New and Full Moon circles that I host in my local area. The boxes are a way to reach other people who are not local but have interest in performing their own Moon rituals. I love being able to guide people to a deeper connection with the Moon and the Cosmos and these boxes allow me to share the love with more people. 

As an avid reader and lover of all things metaphysical, I have developed a unique approach to astrology and the way I engage the Universe. The longer you are part of My Moon Ritual the more you will learn about my approach to astrology and spirituality and hopefully it will inspire your life to reach new heights. 

I have my background and training in classic Hellenistic astrology and Hermetic herbal medicine. I have studied under several prominent astrologers and read numerous text on the subject. I love developing new ideas and exploring the topics and language of the stars. This love and passion is what I pour into every My Moon Ritual box. 

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