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Inside this month's My Moon Ritual Box

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New Moon July 28th
Full Moon August 11th

Jupiter Retrograde and Venus moves into Leo

My Moon Ritual


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The monthly subscription package includes a New and Full Moon ritual. The rituals are centered around the four elements.

Each package is unique and different and we are always looking for, and learning, new ways to engage the elements in ritual.

Below are some examples of rituals you may find in your package.

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Each moon ritual consist of an Herbal (Earth) ritual that utilizes the element of Fire to release the essence of the herbs.

The importance of this act is contained in the raising of the smoke towards the Heavens.

In Esoteric teachings it is said that while on Earth we see the fallen matter, smoke, in the spiritual realms they see light. In this light we lift our prayers guided by the spirit of the plant.

The ritual package also includes a Water Ritual.

This can come in several different form but most common is a Flower Essence for each moon cycle or bath/washing ritual.

Flower Essences were developed by Dr. Edward Bach to heal emotional imbalances that he believed were the root cause of illness. Each essence is carefully chosen to fit the astrological occurrences of the moon cycle and to provide you emotional support along your journey.

flower essence water ritual my moon ritual.png
air ritual essential oil my moon ritual.png

Along side the herbal and flower essences is included an Air ritual.

This can come in the form of sound ritual or an essential oil (aroma).

The essential oils can be used in various ways but is suggested to be used as an aromatic that enhances and uplifts the mind. Scent is incredibly important to the memory and can aid in reinforcing a change of mental programming. By smelling the oils frequently one can aid the memory in creating new habits. Just think about the effect that certain smells have on your mind, like when you smell your mother's cooking, or pass by your favorite bakery. Or even unpleasant smells can have a significant effect on your being.

Together with these four elements you will receive a personalized astrology report for the month and a meditation to be practiced throughout the moon cycle.

It is important to have a daily practice that continually shapes and evolves your spiritual bodies.

To support you along this journey you will have access to exclusive content on our website through your members page and receive support through the member's forum. This forum is a safe place for you to share your journey and connect with others on their path just as if you were participating in a community circle.

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You will also receive an access code for 20% off a personal Astrology reading. This can be an excellent way to further learn about your personal Karma and life purpose, or to help answer and solves some of life's tough riddles.

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How It Started

The Origins of My Moon Ritual

My Moon Ritual was born out of the full and new moon circles I held at a local common space. These circles were a meaningful way for the community to learn about how we can use astrology in our daily life for self development and to perform a "ritual" that had spiritual significance. Many of the members could not attend every circle and I also sought ways to reach out to others to help them along there spiritual path. And that is where My Moon Ritual came into being. By having a monthly package that could be sent directly to homes it enabled more people to participate and for members of the circle to be able to continue their rituals at home when they could not attend.

Additional Services

About Bonnie Beth

Spiritual Guide behind My Moon Ritual

Bonnie's personal interest lie in study of world religions, historical religious and philosophical works and Anthroposophy. This has given her a very deep understanding and knowledge of some of the deeper aspects of the universe, how it functions and why we are here.

Bonnie Beth combines the art of astrology with the art of metals and gemstones. By creating custom alloys, that are designed to have a positive effect on the wearer, and combining them with the power of symbolism, individuals can experience a positive effect to aid in overcoming difficulties expressed in their Astrology Chart.


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