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August Astrological Weather

August started off with a bang, with the conjunction of Uranus, Mars and the North Node in Taurus. It seems that everyone felt the shock waves differently, for me the morning started off with a literal bang as my tire blew out on the highway. For one of my clients who had the conjunction happening in his 10th house the morning started with a meeting with the “big wigs” as he put it, that catapulted his career to the next level. What was your Monday like? Did you notice any big events? Or did the day just pass on by? The month of August is filled with other big events so let us dive in and see what is ahead of us.

We are starting the month off with a trine between the Sun and Jupiter giving a really benefic feeling to the day and a hopeful outlook for a bright future. This gets an added boost when Mercury moves into it’s home sign and exaltation of Virgo. This really activates the analytical and problem-solving side of the brain and can really help throughout the month to get things straightened out and in order. Mercury will stay int eh sign of Virgo till the 25th. I really loves this, my Mercury is in Virgo so I am a bit biased, but that aside Mercury in Virgo is the ultimate calm I can handle this kind of attitude. Mercury in Virgo is the person who during a crisis is calm, cool, and collected, giving orders to everyone as to how to manage the situation. The is starkly different from Mercury in Gemini who is going in 15 different directions.

By the 8th of August we are going to see a few more challenging aspects rolling in with a square between the Sun and Uranus and Venus opposing Pluto on the 8th. I don’t mind the Sun/Uranus square as much as I do the Venus Pluto opposition and here is why. The Sun square Uranus can bring some unexpected surprises and revolutionary changes, sometimes these are welcome and sometimes they are not. For instance, a client who lost her father during a Sun/Uranus square in her chart suddenly felt free from years of oppression. Yes, a tragic loss, but much needed freedom on the other end. As a side note, it was known for many years that her father was dying of cancer. She expressed afterwards this feeling of finally being able to be herself for the first time in her life. That is the essence of a Sun/Uranus square, major upsets that lead to eventual freedom. Now when it comes to Venus/Pluto opposition it is a bit different. If we first look at Venus she is in the sign of Cancer, this is a really lovely placement for Venus and she is enjoying all things Cancerian, like self-care and taking care of the home. Her emotions are open and vulnerable though when Pluto comes along and takes her deep into the underworld. This can feel like a jolt of emotions and cause you to want to act out the crab characteristics in the literal fashion and hide in your shell.

A bit of retreat in this instance is okay as Pluto really invokes the need to travel deep within one’s self and explore the underworld of your emotions. And while we may not like the feeling of this experience it is needed. Pluto really brings death and rebirth, metamorphosis into our lives. If we were here in this incarnation to just play and have experience pleasure, we might loath Pluto, but we are here to grow and evolve and thus Pluto is a necessary element. (I resisted calling Pluto a necessary evil as evil is a very misunderstood word and denotes something negative verses a positive change)

As usual things move around the wheel and Venus will soon move into a trine with Jupiter on the 17th of the month. This is the single most positive aspect taking place this whole month. To get the most out of this aspect find where 7 degrees of Leo and Aries are in your birth chart and see what is being activated. Then, watch for some positive blessings during this transit. It is a good time for working on a creative project or investing in your future. This aspect is challenged by a square from Mars to the Sun, note the reoccurring theme this month of challenges to your joy. This is definitely a check your ego at the door kind of day. Keep this in mind so you don’t get your feathers ruffled by any events that take place. This is just the checks and balances of the Universe at play. With the Sun in the sign of Leo and Mars in the tail end of Taurus, this can come as a reality check to the Leo lion in us all as the resources coming in to support that lifestyle may find the brakes being pulled on them.

But, by the 20th of the month Mars will move into the sign of Gemini, leaving Taurus the sing of its detriment. This is great news for the times ahead, and these times will be long as Mars is eventually going to go retrograde in Gemini and spend about 8 months in total in this sign. Now this is great for our ability to communicate and develop new ideas. If you felt like Mars entering Taurus, put the brakes on things get ready to feel revved up by Mars in Gemini. Being a double bodied sign, you do need to use caution that you don’t spread yourself thin. This is something that can easily happen when Mars the planet of action is in the fast-moving mutable sign of Gemini. This Mars is also enhanced due to the fact that it’s host, Mercury Lord of Gemini, is in his sign of his exaltation Virgo. This gives excellent dignity to both planets, and in astrology dignity is everything.

On the 22nd the Sun will move into Virgo joining forces with Mercury for a few days. Take a look at where the whole sign house placement of Virgo is in your natal chart as it is sure to be activated during this time. By the 25th Mercury will leave the sign of Virgo and enter into Venus’s sign of Libra. This could strike the balance between the over active Mars in Gemini and our need for a little fun and recreation, Venus is still in Leo. Also, on this day Venus moves into a square with Uranus. I like this for those who need to break free from their inhibitions or to move away from unhealthy relationships. This is really a kind of kick in the butt from the Universe that says if you don’t move, I will make you. And let’s admit it, sometimes we all need a little kick in the butt to get moving from time to time. As Venus separates from the square to Uranus she will move into an opposition with Saturn, I don’t really like this transit. Saturn can be cold and restrictive, like the not so benevolent parent that steals your joy. Well, maybe that is a bit harsh. Saturn does bring some necessary lessons to our lives they just don’t come in the most fun sort of ways. So, there is something here that the Universe wants us to recognize. Maybe we need to address what are the long-term consequences of our actions?

All of this culminates with a New Moon in Virgo on the 27th. Again, check your birth chart, if you don’t know how to read your birth chart check out my Moon readings available on These readings help you identify the areas in your life that the New and Full Moons are taking place in. This New Moon is in a mutable Earth sign. I like this much better than fixed Earth because it gives us the opportunity to change things. Think of it like potter’s clay, you can mold and shape it into what you like. This gives us an opportunity to manifest the physical things we have been seeking in life. During this New Moon we have a square from Mars to the Sun and Moon, who in turn is making a trine to Mercury. This gives for a lot of mental stimulation and focus on Mercurial things. At the exact moment of the New Moon Mercury is sitting in the 3rd house of the mind with Mars in the 11th and the New Moon in the 2nd. Both the 2nd and 11th houses represent things that are coming to the native, largely financial things. With all these planets in Mercury’s signs this chart signals monetary gains coming from the mind. What kind of new ventures will you be thinking up this cycle?

Till Next Time,

Bonnie Beth

“the Moon Awaits You”

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