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4 Element 
Moon Ritual Boxes

Monthly Subscriptions

  • My Moon Ritual

    Every month
    New and Full Moon Ritual Monthly Package
    • Personal Recorded Lunation Astrology Video 15 mins
    • Personalized Ritual based on your Astrology Rising Sign
    • 1 Fire Element Candle
    • 1 Earth Element Tea
    • 1 Water Element Bath
    • 1 Air Element Incense
    • 1 Spiritual Healing Element Flower Essence
    • 1 Lunar Water Element
    • Meditation Guide for the Month
    • New Moon Ritual
    • Full Moon Ritual
    • 20% Discount on Astrology Readings
    • Free access to Astrology classes (when available)
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My Moon Ritual offers giftcards redeemable for subscriptions, services, and products offered by My Moon Ritual.

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